Why Earls? Well, we believe
quality is key!

At Earls we are passionate about providing top quality food and drink.
Our staff are friendly, efficient and keen to serve you. We make every
effort to ensure that we are providing the finest ingredients and
we spend a lot of time sourcing and supporting
local suppliers when possible.

We also aim to provide you with something a little
bit different and surprise you.

You can buy breakfast or lunch on the go,
or if you have time to linger
have a coffee, read the paper
and watch the world go by.

al desko!

Too busy to leave the office?
Then eat al desko!

We can deliver to your office
and cater for breakfast or
lunch time meetings.

order online

Our online facility makes
ordering quick and easy

Either pick up your order or we
can deliver right to you.
It's that easy.

What will it be?

Breakfasts - Healthy or Naughty?

Breakfast can be healthy or naughty – your choice.
We have fresh fruit salads, smoothies and yoghurts, alongside buttery croissants and freshly ground coffee, made with our traditional espresso machine.

Our delicious cups of tea include your everyday brew, chai and herbal infusions – try our personal favourite Liquorice and Peppermint.

Lunch - Make & Wait or Grab & Go?

For lunch we offer a tempting range of hot and cold sandwiches served in a variety of breads. We can make it while you wait or if you are in a hurry, then choose from our Grab and Go display – remember to pay of course!

Don’t fancy a sandwich? Then try one of our tasty soups or jacket potatoes. Alternatively choose a salad box.

Something Sweet - Muffin or cake?

Who can resist a scrumptious cake or muffin – we can’t!

Spoil yourself – you don’t have to wait until Friday! And if you can’t decide whether to have the Lemon Drizzle, the Chocolate Flake Cake or a Berry muffin, have all three.

Whole cakes can be ordered for special occasions. Please give 48 hours’ notice.

Check out our menu and look out for our daily specials - we hope there is something to tempt you and if not, let us know. Have we missed one of your particular favourites?

The Earl and the Origin of the Sandwich

The origin of the word 'sandwich' for an item of food may have originated from a story about John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. It is said that in approx.1762, he asked for meat to be served between slices of bread, to avoid interrupting a gambling game. This story may have been rumour or adverse propaganda, put about by his rivals.

Confusing Titles
Hereditary English titles can be confusing. The family of the Earls of Sandwich has no real connection to the town itself, only the title. The 1st Earl, Edward Montagu, originally intended to take the title of the Earl of Portsmouth - this may have been changed as a compliment to the town of Sandwich, because the fleet he was commanding in 1660 was lying off Sandwich, before it sailed to bring back Charles II to England.

We could be eating a 'Portsmouth'!
It is generally thought here, that the word 'sandwich' as an item of food, has no connection with the town, only with John Montagu, who happened to have the title, a 'sandwich' could just as easily have been called a 'Portsmouth' if the 1st Earl, Edward Montagu, had not changed his mind over his title.

The Sandwich Isles
Captain James Cook also named the Sandwich Isles (Hawaii) after the 4th Earl.